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About me: Hey everyone, I'm UpshawForCongress and I'm here to show you some wild and sexy content! I'm a sultry and soft-spoken damsel with an eye for all things naughty and a passion for exploring your wildest fantasies. I enjoy pushing boundaries in the bedroom and can always find the perfect blend of naughty and nice. I'm versatile and open-minded, so you can count on me to bring out your wildest desires in the most steamy ways imaginable. My shows are always varied and filled with some of the hottest action around. In the past, I've done anything from BDSM to role play, and no two shows are ever quite the same. Whether it's soft and sensual, naughty and wild, or something else entirely, I know I can deliver. Together, we can make your fantasy a reality and find that perfect mix of pleasure and fun. So don't be shy, come join me today and let's get started!

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