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About me: Welcome to DominatrixHonduras on Tok.Live. We specialize in femdom fetish live streams. DominatrixHonduras is a Latina femdom streamer from Honduras. We’re here to take your money and your confidence. Our stream is full of naughty domination fueled by submissive tendencies and an insatiable appetite for kinky pleasure. We have wide range of toys, including a wide selection of BDSM toys from leather to chastity cages. We also offer many homemade BDSM implements, such as paddle boards, gimp masks, and restraints. With us, the sub always has a voice. We want you to be comfortable and express yourself. We will never pressure you into doing something you aren’t comfortable with. We want you to truly enjoy the experience. We love to dominate but we also love to stoke your fire in other ways. We like to have a good conversation, chat, watch movies, and yes, spend some time outside of the bedroom. We are open to whatever sort of adventure you want. Just let us know ahead of time. And remember, domination is an art and we are the experts. So come along, come with us

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